Product List


IS3007SH02 Semi-automatic L-shaped Sewing Shrink


Specifications :

Suitable for packaging products such as tamarisk, chocolate, biscuits, pastries, detergents, etc. with PVC and POF films. Due to having L-shaped stitching, product or box will have no contact with the environment and will be completely covered.


Features and benefits:

-Packaging the product in a very stylish way

- Electrical and pneumatic panels

- pneumatic system for the movement of the L-shaped part

- Able to work with the products with different length and width

- Able to adjust the height for products with different depths

- Equipped with cooling fans at the end of the machine and roller table

- Electrostatic color

dimensions : Length: 347cm, width: 100 cm, height: 170 cm

-No Vibration and noise, and low depreciation

-special thermal isolation especially for heating tunnel

- Sewing ability - especially with durable cutting

- Facilitating the motion of the machine by special wheels

- Special conveyor with special heat-resistant coating

- Able to automatically control the temperature of the heating  tunnel

- Able to function at high speed and to be worked with at three shifts

- Special valves in the inlet and outlet tunnels to prevent energy waste

- PLCs and inverters, as well as all consumable parts like electrical and mechanical ones are pneumatic and of high quality type

- Having manuals consisting the methods of maintenance repair troubleshooting and spare part list and electrical map