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valve-equipped filling machine

IS3003FI01 Valve-equipped Filling Machine

Common usage of all filling machines is for filling all kinds of liquids with different densities and different types of powders and granular materials. In our products the number of nozzles and the amount of injection volume is changeable due to the request of the customer.
Valve-equipped filling machines are used for powders for construction, chemical, food, and so on that the packaging bag has a hole for the valve. 

In this filling machines the operator puts perforated bags at the outlet of the machine and presses the pedal. In this stage a pneumatic jack holds the bag on the outlet of the machine and then injection operation takes place. After finishing the operation the jack which holds the bag gets back to its previous state and another pneumatic jack pushes the filled bag on the conveyor.


Technical specifications

•Having 150 litre tank to depot the materials and mechanical surface-detection system
•Having load sell and screen in order to display weight and related settings
•Equipped with a place for the bags to be put in while being injected
•Using two pneumatic jack for both holding the bag and pushing it forth on the conveyor
•Capable to be regulated for perforated bags with different sizes
•Having a pedal for starting the operation
•Capable to be regulated for 10 to 15 kg bags
•Overall dimensions of the machine: length: 120 cm, width:70 cm, hight:160 cm
•Imported voltage: 380 v.
•Speed of machine: 230 to 250 of 25 kg bags
•Weight: 340 kg
•All pieces of the machine are made by LS Korea.