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Row Jack Shrink Pack

IS3003SH02 Row Jack Shrink Pack


In general, shrink packing machines are used for packing with special nylon polyethylene which saves packaging costs, prevents moisture penetration into cartons, gives a beautiful appearance to machine, and makes the transportation more simple.

Rowing jack machine is designed and produced to be semi-automatic shrink pack for packaging boxes, cardboard, glass, health products, food and a variety of beverages, Water and paint cans and gallons and so on.

Rowing jack Shrink Pack  has a fixture on the first part of the machine which uses a pneumatic system to drive the products.  This fixture is used in order to align number of different types of cans or bottles used for packing. These products can be different examples from 24 to 300 CC packs of mineral water, Dough, soda cans, etc., as well as a variety of paste, soft drinks, canned food and so on.

Technical specifications of the machine

• Use of 2.5 millimeter sheet for the chassis, wheels, and base plate of the machine to be fixed and moved easily
• Double glazed tunnel and the use of stone wool in the second part to prevent temperature loss
• Pneumatic system in row jack  part for sewing shrink tape
• Having timer system in electrical cabinet to control low time pause at sewing blade
• Using rolling system to make movements of the products easier
• Using silicon curtain at the entry part and leave-out to save temperature loss
• Using thermostat in electrical cabinet to control oven’s temperature
• Easy access to the heating part of the oven inside
• Having conveyor from the beginning of the line to the end for moving the products with inverter system capable of controlling the speed
• Having cooling fans beneath the machine for cooling the conveyor
• Having cooling fans above the machine to make the products cool and making it easier for products to absorb nylon
• One year guarantee 
• Internal voltage is 380 v.
• Speed of the machine: dependent on the dimensions of product
• Weight: dependent on the dimensions
• The pieces which the machine is made of are made by LS korea.